Charting culture

with Maximilian Schich

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Maximilian Schich's research work combines hermeneutics, information visualization, computer science, and physics to understand art, history, and culture. Sounds complex? Take a minute to have a look at his amazing video featured on Nature (below).
Doesn't it all come together beautifully?

This video is the result of a project that Maximilian started working in a lab where human mobility was studied, mostly using cellphone data. Today, Maximilian is an associate professor for arts and technology at the University of Texas at Dallas and a founding member of the Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History. Hear him explain the ideas behind the theorization of a "systematic science of art and culture."

My favourite quotes from this episode: "People like to die in the South of France."

And: "Globalization is not a matter of distance, but of speed."

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