with Patrick Wheeler

Don't we all get a bit nervous when we think of cybersecurity? The first things that come to mind are identity theft, hackers attacks, and maybe even cyberwar to end the world as we know it. But how many of these fears are justified? Are we overreacting? How dangerous is the cyberspace exactly? How does it interact with the real world?

Patrick Wheeler is an expert in cybersecurity and technology, with over twenty yeaers of experience in the field. During this interview, he explains how cybersecurity is not only a concern of banks and hackers, but of every citizen like you and I. However, we should not giive in to easy panic, and on the contrary educate ourselves on the real risks, and safety measures we can all put in place - our due diligence. Cybersecurity is about data protection on social media and cyberwars, but especially about social awareness. 

Patrick is also co-founder of the training program Cyberwayfinder now based in Brussels and Luxembourg: